Join the Elite: PressPlay 201+ Club Set Up

If you are not part of the 201+ club yet, we have a quick question for you… Why not? There is enough research now that agents who have 201+ quality contacts in their database (we’re talking the whole shebang: full name, phone number, address, email, and the necessary core SmartPlans attached to them) make significantly more […]

Why You Absolutely Need a Website as a Realtor

It’s 2024, and EVERYTHING, including the real estate game, has moved online. The hard truth is, if you’re not online, it’s nearly impossible to keep up. So, grab your proverbial shovel, and let’s dig into why you absolutely, positively, without a doubt need a website as a realtor. (And how our Google Sites can help!) […]


Buffalo charging into a snow storm

“Charge the Storm,” the latest season of Gary Keller and Jay Papasan’s podcast Think Like A CEO wrapped up last week. While it’s impossible to pull the full value from each episode, we want to share a few highlights. Episode 1: Mindset – Charge The Storm For most people change is a threat, not an opportunity. The […]