Teamerage is the path to a Million Dollar Market Center...

- Gary Keller

A Platform Built For Teamerage

You Now Own the Algorithm in YOUR MC!

PressPlay MC Sites are the Digital Market Center for your agents without the Minecraft feel of other virtual platforms…

An all-in-one Platform to create connectivity & culture, and provide professional services to your agents to generate the revenue needed to successfully launch a sustainable Teamerage program in your Market Center.

Custom Social Media Feel

  • Individual profiles help build connections between agents.
  • The “Bullpen” is your MC’s personal News Feed.
  • Update your agents all in one place at the same time!
  • Give your agents a Market Center App w/ push notification capability (no more “Oh, I didn’t see that post…”).
  • Increase engagement and reward agent accomplishments through games and rewards.
  • Allow vendors to run ads directly to your agents!

Professional Services Storefront

  • Generate revenue necessary for a sustainable Teamerage program in your MC.
  • Provide valuable services Agents are already spending money on outside of your office.
  • Fully automated, user-friendly MC Storefront will send revenue directly to your operating account.
  • Opportunity to hire your own VA* to provide services and increase MC revenue!

*Inquire for more details and limitations.

Custom Groups

Private and Public

  • Groups are completely customizable for each MC.
  • Allow agents to create groups to promote unity and connection!
  • Create groups to streamline onboarding and training.
  • Build lasting connections within your MC with diverse and meaningful groups. (Realtor Moms, Military, KW Luxury, Running Club, etc.)
  • Improve your MC culture by creating a new sense of community!

Market Center Forums

FAQs and Discussions

  • Create a searchable knowledge base to cut down on the hundreds of questions your leadership team answers each week.
  • Empower self-reliant agents to easily find answers on their own!
  • Streamline repetitive information such as onboarding, compliance, and business services.
  • Upload training information MC videos from Ignite, Market Updates, and other MC training events.
  • Over time, your MC will create a highly valuable, highly efficient system of agent resources and training information that will pay dividends for years.

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