Unlock the Power of Customer Reviews for Your Business

One site to gather all of your client reviews. Simple, Clean and Uber Efficient!

Get a customized website thanking your clients for their business and gathering reviews to any business profile you would like when the client selects 5 stars. If the client chooses lower than 5 stars, the site collects the review and allows your team to follow up and love on those not completely satisfied with your services.

How it Works:

Step 1: Visit Your Custom Link

Customers will visit your personal WantsReviews.com website to leave a review.

Step 2: Leave a Rating

When a customer arrives at your WantsReviews.com site, they will be prompted to leave a review (From 1 – 5 stars)

Step 3: Redirect High Ratings

If a customer leaves a high rating (based on a threshold you set), WantsReviews.com will guide them to your preferred public review platform, such as Google Reviews. This ensures that your positive feedback is showcased where it matters most.

Step 4: Manage Lower Ratings Internally

In cases where a customer leaves a lower rating, they will be encouraged to submit their feedback directly through WantsReviews.com. This approach allows you to gather valuable insights and address concerns privately, helping to maintain and protect your public reputation.

$339.00$39.00 / month and a $50.00 sign-up fee