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Don’t have time to set up another system? Our team gets your KW Command ready for you to take off!

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We have clicked every button and tested every setting. We ensure your account is setup using the best Command has to offer.

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KW Command replaces other subscription services you are paying every month. Once we set you up, cancel those other systems and increase your profit.

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We don’t launch you and leave you! Our team is with you all the way to ensure you stay up-to-date and in the know.

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Frequently asked questions

With each of our KW Command Launch Plans, we ensure your consumer facing website is active and branded to you. The number of pages and features we provide varies from plan to plan.

Yes! Many of our plans include designs that are completed for you and loaded into your KW Command Designs platform, ready to use. You are able to change the designs we provide as well as create new social media and print designs of your own.

Currently, KW Command doesn’t allow for the creation of custom SmartPlans. It does allow us to customize the existing plans.  We take the default SmartPlans and customize them for your business.

You don’t need a Twilio account to utilize the KW Command platform, as that is a separate paid service. However, if you want to send SMS messages inside of KW Command, it is required. We will connect and optimize your Twilio and KW Command accounts so you can send and receive SMS inside the KW Command platform.  

We can connect your separate lead sources through KW Command’s marketplace integrations.  Please visit the marketplace to view all available integrations.

Our clients say

"It was like having a KW Command expert on my team, but I didn't have to train them... They trained me!"
Kathy Stroschein
KW Puget Sound
"As a REALTOR my life is already full of 100 different apps. Having Command just setup and working saves me the time from learning the tech stuff and I can focus on the client stuff."
Jill McKenna
KW Southern Arizona
"I was worried about getting into Command and getting it setup and working. Having PressPlay do it for me... Just made my life easy!
Cheryl Ong
KW Utah
"Running a multi-agent team I'm always looking for ways to leverage technology to help me focus on my one thing... And taking the time to setup Command wasn't my ONE THING!"
Chris Niederhauser
KW East Valley